Improving patient outcomes by streamlining the way we collect health data

Improving Data Management

The OneSource initiative seeks to integrate care and research by streamlining the collection and distribution of patient health data. Health industries today are characterized by high operating costs with very little corresponding improvement in quality of care or meaningful scientific discoveries. At the heart of the problem are the lack of data reconciliation, the complexity of systems integrations, and the abundance of interoperability gaps. As a result, doctors, researchers, and patients are trapped in an inefficient system that not only generates high costs, but also increases compliance risk and create barriers to clinical trial participation.

OneSource is a radical simplification that will utilize global data standards in order to integrate clinical care and research. In the OneSource approach, critical clinical data is entered once at the point of care - the doctor's appointment, for example - and accessible to many. We will implement best-in-class interoperable systems and leverage existing capabilities and relationships to facilitate the collection, sharing, and reporting of structured data from authoritative sources. Ultimately, OneSource will create a quality management infrastructure in medicine that can enable users to improve healthcare quality, accelerate clinical research, and advance healthcare value.

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