Welcome to the new home of BreastCancerTrials.org.

BCT is now a part of QLHC, and while our look has changed, your experience of receiving free, patient-friendly, and unbiased clinical trial information, matching, and support will remain the same. Our clinical trial matching tool was created to inform you about available trials that are studying new treatments, therapies, or interventions, based on your personal breast cancer profile – completely free. Additionally, as a non-profit, we don’t take promotional funding from pharmaceutical or marketing companies so no one trial is promoted over another, which allows you to see all trials that match your profile. Your information is 100% secure and will not be sold or shared for any reason. For additional questions, please contact us at help-desk@bctrials.org or at (888) 282-7099.

The greatest wish I could bequest to all breast cancer patients is the gift of empowerment! BreastCancerTrials.org gives you the knowledge, choices, and resources that can help you to achieve the best possible outcome, therefore, helping even more people live with breast cancer.

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Match to Trials

Early Stage, Survivors, Healthy, and or High Risk

Start here if you:

  • Were recently diagnosed with early stage or stage 0-3 breast cancer
  • are a breast cancer survivor
  • are healthy and or high risk

Match to Trials

Metastatic / Stage 4

Start here if you:

  • Were recently diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer (cancer that has spread from the breast to other parts of the body)
  • or have previously had one or more therapies for metastatic breast cancer

Metastatic Trial Talk

Carefully selected news and features about metastatic breast cancer research.

Educational Resources for Patients

Cancer can bring a lot of questions, but our helpful resources can bring you clarity and peace of mind. Find the answers you want quickly on a range of topics. In language written by actual humans!
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