Reviews & Editorials on I-SPY 2

The I-SPY series of trials are changing the way new treatments are developed for breast cancer, helping make available new, better and more personalized treatments, faster. At the heart of the I-SPY program is the ground-breaking I-SPY 2 platform trial for neoadjuvant treatment of locally advanced breast cancer.
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Reinventing clinical trials

Laura Esserman’s 2015 lecture at ‘Exponential Medicine’ discussed the re-engineering of clinical trials, inspired by the insights of late Intel CEO Andy Grove into the differences between development in the semiconductor industry and healthcare.

Length: 26:50 min

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I-SPY 2 and other platform trials

I-SPY2 Principal Statistician Don Berry of Berry Consultants explains the history and fundamentals of platform trial models and how they are changing drug development in breast cancer and beyond.

Length: 31:52 min

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I-SPY Clinical Trials:
An interview with Dr. Laura Esserman

The ground-breaking I-SPY 2 trial of neoadjuvant treatment for locally advanced breast cancer established a new benchmark for efficiency of phase II clinical trials. Widely regarded as a pioneer of the ‘platform’ trial, I-SPY 2’s success continues to be a major influence on the development of next-generation trial designs in oncology and beyond.

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Changing strategies in the 'war on cancer'

Dr. Angela DiMichele, Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and I-SPY 2 Site Operations Working Group Chair discusses the innovations of I-SPY 2 and testing of new antibody-drug conjugates.

Length: 34:32 min

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How to design an adaptive trial - Lessons learned, so far

How do you design an adaptive trial? Scott Berry one of the adaptive trial experts at Berry Consultants presents a recipe for designing a high-impact adaptive trial, secret sauce included.

Length: 38:18 min

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