Quantum Leap Healthcare Collaborative Announces Mobile Platform Launch of its Clinical Trial Matching Service

April 25, 2023

SAN FRANCISCO, April 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Quantum Leap Healthcare Collaborative (QLHC) announces the mobile responsive launch of its metastatic breast cancer clinical trial matching service, Metastatic Trial Search (MTS). This launch expands MTS's reach to a broader range of breast cancer patient groups with a goal of reaching a more diverse population including those under-represented in clinical trials. Clinical trials provide an opportunity for patients to have access to promising new therapies; with a mobile responsive version of the trial matching app, Metastatic Trial Search is now more accessible to more individuals.

Metastatic Trial Match Mobile
Metastatic Trial Match Mobile

Many patient advocacy groups, disease-specific registries, professional membership organizations, provider organizations, and healthcare providers want to refer cancer patients to clinical trials as an option for their care. MTS is a perfect solution with a curated database of all open and actively recruiting trials in the US, now available to use at any time in any setting. In addition, many patients looking for trials rely on their phones for accessing the internet and/or do not have high-speed internet access. Fortunately, with this new mobile-responsive version of MTS, personalized user friendly trial matching is accessible to everyone, which results in improved equity overall in patient exposure to clinical trials. Anyone with a mobile device will be able to find clinical trials that are right for them.

MTS is powered by CTMatch, Quantum Leap's second-generation clinical trial matching platform, developed by the team that founded and runs BreastCancerTrials.org (BCT). Operating since 2008, BCT is one of the longest-running, most robust and comprehensive trial matching services for breast cancer patients. CTMatch can now offer the same quality solution for all cancer patients and providers. Its technology platform and service can be adapted to any cancer type and can be customized depending on an organization's or provider's needs.

QLHC, the non-profit parent organization of CTMatch, does not split focus between performance and revenue generation – its laser-focused goal is on the urgent need to increase enrollment in trials in order to accelerate the development of safer, more effective and less toxic therapies across all cancers. Ultimately, the greatest benefits will be for patients who will have access to cutting-edge therapies and at the same time, contribute to advancing cancer care.

About Quantum Leap Healthcare Collaborative

Quantum Leap Healthcare Collaborative is a 501C(3) charitable organization established in 2005 as a collaboration between medical researchers at University of California, San Francisco and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. Our mission is to integrate high-impact research with clinical processes and systems technology, resulting in improved data management and information systems, greater access to clinical trial matching and sponsorship, and greater benefit to providers, patients and researchers. Our goal is to improve and save lives. For more information, visit www.QuantumLeapHealth.org.

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