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Why this surgeon challenges overuse of cancer screenings, but spends hours with patients

Laura Esserman, MD, a breast cancer surgeon at University of California, San Francisco, is a proponent of cutting down on overutilization in oncology — yet she is known to spend hours with individual patients, according to The New York Times profile featuring her work.

Dr. Esserman believes breast cancer screenings can create overdiagnosis and overtreatment of cancers, in particular a condition called ductal carcinoma in situ. This condition is nearly always treated with surgery and radiation because it can precede invasive cancer, but Dr. Esserman believes this is not necessary, according to the report.

Her opinion is not popular, unsurprisingly, but a recent study published in JAMA Oncology supports her view, according to The New York Times. The study found treatment for the DCIS condition may not change outcomes.

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