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Why the "Standard of Care" Must Change

Despite clear evidence from the most extensive study to date on DCIS — that there is no benefit to surgery, radiation and drugs (“standard of care” treatment for DCIS) — and despite significant harms of these treatments — doctors will most likely not be making any protocol changes.

During a KPBS interview, Dr Reema Batcha, stated the “standard of care” will not change. Women will still be offered lumpectomy plus weeks of radiation or mastectomy when diagnosed with DCIS.

Whatever Happened to Doctors Following the Hippocratic Oath — “First do no harm?”

A NY Times article asks, “is there any reason for most patients with the diagnosis of DCIS to receive brutal therapies?”

ABC’s Good Morning America stated, “The study which followed 100,000 women for 20 years showed that these painful and risky procedures may be UNNECESSARY.”

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