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To Have a Mastectomy or Not

A growing consensus of whether a patient should have had a mastectomy or not is on the rise – more to the point – “Did I really need to have that surgery performed?” Sadly, looking back on their past events, many women are expressing the view that the mastectomy surgery was unnecessary. It is not uncommon for a patient to be told to have such a procedure for preventive measures. Also, whether or not to have a biopsy performed, especially when several previous procedures have shown the mass to be benign – recommendations for futher procedures are routinely recommended eventhough other risks stem from the induction of these operations.

Dr. Esserman is one such doctor who does not advocate to having all small lumps and bumps biopsied. Upon scrutinizing the patients x-ray film, she, unlike many of her colleagues, does not uphold to unduly stressing the patient by performing a biopsy on very small masses that she does not deem as necessarily being cancerous. She has discovered that the anxiety to the patient or unnecessary surgery, is not always warranted or in the patients best interest. The following dialogue presented by Jim Wilson/The New York Times and Katie Hafner does not fall under the realm of holistic medicine involving alternative treatment, but it does show a more welcomed approach and protocol for any women visiting the doctor’s office with a lump in her breast.

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