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Shop for breast cancer patients helps customers heal

For breast cancer patients, going through a mastectomy is often a traumatic and emotional experience. After the surgery, even a seemingly small task -- like finding a properly fitting, post-surgical bra -- can be difficult.

That's where Chris Wilhite comes in. The breast cancer survivor beat the disease 15 years ago and now manages the "Friend to Friend" shop in San Francisco -- a store that caters specifically to breast cancer survivors in various stages of recovery.

Chemotherapy patients can shop for wigs and scarves. Post surgery, it's a place to find comfortable undergarments.

"I'm sure 20 years ago, you didn't see this kind of design," Wilhite said, pointing to a mastectomy bra. "And they're feminine."

The store doesn't sacrifice style for comfort -- shoppers can still find their favorite lacy looks -- but it does emphasize soft, supportable, breathable fabric with no underwire, something essential for her customers' comfort, Wilhite told CBS News.

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