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DCIS dilemma: Dr. Laura Esserman podcast

Dr. Laura Esserman is a surgeon and breast cancer specialist who works at the University of California San Francisco. The San Francisco Chronicle last year called her a rock star. She told the newspaper that she is driven by “Passion, persistence and energy. I want to drive efforts to completion: change the way we run clinical trials.”

In short, she is one of the innovators, one of the thought leaders in breast cancer research.

When the recent article by Narod et al, “Breast Cancer Mortality After a Diagnosis of Ductal Carcinoma In Situ,” was published in JAMA Oncology, she co-authored an editorial, “Rethinking the Standard for Ductal Carcinoma In Situ Treatment.” She pushes a great deal of rethinking about breast cancer screening and treatment. And DCIS is one of her targets.

I talked with Dr. Esserman at the Preventing Overdiagnosis 2015 conference at the National Institutes of Health. We touched on the Narod paper, on DCIS, and on new research initiatives. Click on the arrow below to hear our podcast with her.


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