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Customer Revolution: Dreamforce 2015 Keynote Recap


As expected, Marc Benioff and the entire Salesforce ecosystem did not disappoint with this year’s much anticipated Dreamforce main keynote. In case you missed it—or just want to relive it the Magnet 360 way—here’s a recap.

1. The Salesforce revolution continues to grow, this year encompassing cloud computing and the internet of things (IoT), but a wise Benioff reminded us that all of the upcoming announcements equate to a “customer revolution.”


2. Marc Benioff’s mom made a lovely appearance, blowing kisses to her son and the audience as she stood to be recognized. Her presence was as powerful as her story—a survivor of multiple types of cancer, Joelle Benioff served as a close-to-home touchpoint for the introduction of Laura Esserman, MD, MBA, who is known internationally for her work and research on breast cancer at the University of California – San Francisco.

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