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Annual Mammograms Won't Lower Your Risk Of Dying From Breast Cancer. Here's What Will.

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The woman poised to fix America's breast cancer problem is sitting across a wrought-iron table from me talking about the time, years ago, that she realized mammograms were failing to save women from cancer. We're in Laura Esserman's lush San Francisco backyard garden and it's 9 AM on a Saturday—the only time she could find to talk this week. She's projecting calm, her hands wrapped cozily around a coffee cup—this despite the fact that she's in the final stages of launching a career-defining, history-rewriting study set to open its enrollment to 100,000 women in January. Should it confirm her controversial beliefs, she'll have the data she needs to change all our minds about the way we've been approaching mammograms—and make them the lifesaving screening tool they were always meant to be. Dr. Esserman has been named to the Rodale 100 for her extraordinary achievements in the health space; click here to see the full list of this year’s honorees. (Looking for answers to your most pressing health questions? Prevention has you covered—get a FREE trial + 12 FREE gifts.)


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