Delivering Clinical Trial Participation 

CTMatch is a second-generation technology platform designed for clinical trial matching across all cancer domains. Developed by the BCT team, its highly configurable architecture supports patient and trial information from multiple sources and applications for websites and mobile devices. Among its innovations, CTMatch enables “adaptive matching” allowing users to quickly narrow search results by applying relevant filters that are dynamically generated based on prior responses.
CTMatch can be customized to the needs of any academic medical center, community hospital, or patient advocacy group who is interested in developing a clinical trial matching solution. The service can be “white-labeled” to preserve the organization’s identity.
Co-developed by University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and QuantumLeap Healthcare Collaborative, and operating as a non-profit, CTMatch seeks to proliferate use of its technology to advance cancer research. Favorable licensing terms are available.
For more information, contact project leader Elly Cohen, PhD, (415) 476-0264 or elly.cohen@ucsf.edu.