about us


Healthcare Collaborative

A 501C(3) charitable organization, QuantumLeap was established in 2005 as a collaboration between medical researchers at University of California, San Francisco and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. Our mission is to accelerate the transfer of high-impact research in clinical processes and systems technology into widespread adoption in the sectors of data management, clinical trial matching and sponsorship; therefore more quickly benefiting doctors and patients. Our goal is to improve and save lives.

The founders of QuantumLeap recognize that good ideas and research projects in a University setting were often “orphaned” at the end of a research project. These pieces of intellectual property frequently were left with no funds or organizational structure to advance to physicians and ultimately benefit patient care.

Modeled after Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial culture with an added social value objective, our social-entrepreneurial model embodies:

  • Identifying intellectual property with a potential for high impact,

  • Providing financial and managerial assistance in such research projects,

  • Forming organizations and management teams to grow ideas into products,

  • Securing funding in stages as the product or service matures, and

  • Creating strategic partnerships to complement the initial idea or product.

In our commitment to developing and managing unique collaborations across the medical, technology and bioscience industries – all necessary components in efforts to speed healthcare research into the marketplace - we support the development and implementation of innovative ways to deliver healthcare. Our efforts focus on quality-of-care and quality-of-life issues that create initiatives to change clinical practices using Quality Improvement disciplines with a strong patient-centric focus.