ATHENA Network

The ATHENA Breast Health Network, a large-scale demonstration project, integrates clinical care and research to drive innovation in prevention, screening, treatment and management of breast cancer. This project will improve survival and reduce suffering from breast cancer by accelerating the time between research discoveries and innovative patient treatments.

ATHENA will:

Track approximately 200, 000 patients: 150,000 women from their mammogram screening, and 50,000 others with clinical symptoms of breast cancer.
Women will be followed through screening, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. The size and diversity of this tracking population is unprecedented, enabling ATHENA to test the limits of its new model

Implement a comprehensive information strategy using innovative tools to collect, analyze and distribute data in real time from providers to patients.
Advanced web-based tools will gather information from, and provide synthesized data back to women and their physicians. This unique connection allows patients and their providers to create and share summary records. Patients will have the ability to control and contribute their own personal data to a patient-reported registry, giving them the option to allow access to health care experts across the globe.

Create an unparalleled biospecimen and data repository to fuel research and innovation in screening, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.
This will include over 1 million mammograms, 60,000 biopsy specimens, 15,000 cancer specimens, and up to 400,000 serial blood specimens.

Develop and pilot alternate payment strategies that are tied to higher quality and more cost effective use of resources for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

Connect industry, academia, government and not-for-profit organizations to form pioneering partnerships

An unprecedented collaboration among the University of California (UC) system will include: the five UC Cancer Centers, the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, and the Institute for Health Policy Studies at UC San Francisco.

The project will be conducted in collaboration with BIG Health – a broad- based initiative from the National Institutes of Health to develop common tools and platforms for research and care.

It will become a model for public-private partnerships to speed delivery and approval of new diagnostics and effective tailored therapies.